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Registry Booster 2

  • Publisher:Uniblue Systems
  • Version:2
  • Operation System:Windows XP
  • License:Shareware
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Registry Booster 2Description

If you are in the habit of installing and uninstalling applications on a regular basis, searching for the most suitable tool for your necessities, you probably noticed that your computer’s speed and performance have declined.
This is due to the fact that removing the programs from your PC does not always clean all the traces it left on the hard-drive, and some keys still remain in the registry, which gradually slows down the computer. A dedicated software solution like Registry Booster can help you solve these issues.
First of all, you need to set the app to scan your PC and detect invalid file associations and shortcuts, broken application paths, faulty shared components (such as ActiveX, COM or OLE) or software settings left behind by old apps. You can also save the scan log as HTML and analyze it at a later time.
Before fixing any errors, Registry Booster automatically creates a backup so you can restore it if you are not pleased with the computer performance after the changes are applied.
Furthermore, tech-savvy users can create a so-called ignore list, where they can add registry keys that should be excluded from the initial scan. They can also explore the repair logs of Registry Booster and analyze the modifications the app applied.
Another function of Registry Booster is that it can defragment the registry to improve overall computer performance. You are advised to perform this task on a regular basis, even though the PC might get temporarily unresponsive during the process.
To sum it up, Registry Booster can help you enhance the performance of your computer with very little effort or knowledge on your side. However, if you are pleased with its features and you want to be able to use them on a long term, you need to purchase a license and enjoy its functionality.

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